holiday hangover (ho, ho, ho)

My attempt take three to get enough sleep, wake up on time and get to work fully alert and functioning has been a bit of a miss, unfortunately. Cause of failure: holiday hangover/a seasonal jet lag of sorts. Bright side, every day is a new chance to succeed or else inch closer to succeeding ☼

On a random side note, caffeine is really useful for giving quick jolts of energy. My challenge now is to contain that energy, focus it, and transform it into a usable source.

My list of things to try to improve this year include:

  • embracing the concept of less is more (translation: goodbye, hoarder tendencies)
  • noticing the good (a nod to the power of positive thinking)
  • waking up earlier (less traffic, more living)

I hope to elaborate on these points more and add more of them in future posts.

For now, a quick exercise in gratitude: sunny days, desk plants, windows with a view.



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