Life Documented: A Scrapbooking Workshop

Since I’m still reeling from what felt like a whirlwind of events this weekend, I decided to write about the scrapbooking workshop I attended Saturday morning, hosted by Life Documented Manila (see:

I’ve always loved scrapbooking as an activity, but have yet to complete documenting yearly or travel-related highlights. My goal this year was to be more consistent on a somewhat more ambitious target– namely to document keepsakes collected from week to week.

My workstation at the Life Documented Manila workshop last March 22
One method I encountered in a back issue of Creating Keepsakes that I thought would be ideal for that purpose  is pocket scrapbooking. Essentially, you place pictures, journaling (brief descriptions/snippets of events) or mementos in page protectors in various sizes. This type of scrapbooking is more conducive to sporadic documentation and has a lot of visual appeal.

Unfortunately, the supplies I’ve encountered in craft stores have been pretty limited as far as albums and page protectors go — the best I could find was a clear book from Muji and protectors with business card size pockets. Luckily, I finally got some of the materials (album, page protectors, starter cards) during the workshop.

A sneak peek of the workstation of the supplies available to participants. (Image taken from Life Documented Manila blog.)

We were given about an hour and a half to put together our pages, using some of the materials they had there as well as pictures and supplies we brought with us. I attempted to scrapbook my weekly highlights beginning the second week of February.

My first page used one journaling card from the Project Life Jade Edition set. The blue car  (on the 3rd pocket) was actually a stamp cut and pasted on from a blank index card. The leaves in the corners were stamped on as well. (One of my key take-aways from the workshop was learning about clear stamps that you stick on acrylic blocks — definitely to something to look out for on future trips to craft stores). I rounded the corners of the pictures using a corner rounder I got from Muji because I thought it gave the page a more polished look.

Pictures from a road trip to Rizal. Posing with a backdrop of mahogany trees

The second spread made use of some of the alphabet stickers that they had available at the workshop. The mixing of colors (for the words Sunday and Creative Workshop) was a fluke (some of the letters were missing in certain colors) butI thought it actually turned out pretty well.

My highlights from February 9-12, 2014

Cards from the different sets of Project Life were available at the end of the workshop. I couldn’t help myself; they were so well-designed. I gravitated toward the Fifth and Frolic set immediately. I fell in love with the flowery patterns and pastel colors and the nostalgia and optimism they evoke.

Project Life filler and journaling cards, Fifth and Frolic edition

The Strawberry edition seemed pretty fitting for March as embellishment for what is a celebration-filled month for my family (with birthdays popping up left and right).

Project life filler and journaling cards, Strawberry edition

The Jade edition below was what I chose as my starter set in the workshop. I was drawn to the living in the moment theme and the cool colors.

Project life journaling and filler cards, Jade edition

Project life journaling and filler cards, Vintage Travel style edition
Finally, the Vintage Travel Edition cards were a no-brainer. Trips and adventures are near the top of the list of things to be documented and these cards would complement travel-themed projects perfectly.

Scrapbooking will always be a favorite craft/hobby of mine. It has its challenges, though minor (e.g. which scraps to include, which pictures to omit, how to fit everything in certain lay-outs). It’s an activity I can lose myself in and thoroughly enjoy. And to me the activity is rewarding in itself.

It occurred to me that scrapbooking carries a lot of the elements of Csikszentmihalyi’s concept of flow, which some have attributed as being a source of happiness. In a nutshell, the state of flow is entered into when one is completely absorbed by a certain task and is stimulated to work to the best of their abilities. It entails challenging oneself and allowing room for growth. (Disclaimer: I am far from an expert on the topic :))).


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