blowing away the cobwebs of this blog a bit and it’s striking how little has changed in the space of three years. in spite of struggles to push forward, the continual effort to tick off goals, and the general rinse and repeat that is daily life, at a fundamental level, I guess, people stay pretty glued to their core.

that realization is a little disheartening, if somewhat unsurprising. I came across this idea recently that throughout the bulk of human history, change has been incremental, that progress proceeds in a series of “punctuated equilibria”. at a minuscule scale, I guess the same can be said of people.

been thinking a lot about career and purpose lately and grappling with the general confusion that comes with the territory. the lack of a clear destination and a well-marked path to get there are disconcerting, anxiety-inducing (and sufficient to conjure mental images of desperately heaving into a paper bag). a positive spin on this would be laced with assurances that this is exciting, that individuals now have the agency to craft and own their own stories, that there is nothing better than a blank canvas. a more detached line of thinking would point to the privilege that allows such internal crises to be possible in the first place and how this is very much in line with broader generational trends (i.e. this is all a function of age, socioeconomic background etc.). I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake baby, Snap out of it! a la the arctic monkeys.  and yet I revert back to the wish for certainty, for a clearly defined roadmap, for a way to bypass the route labeled growing pains.



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