The Creative Imperative

Project 2014

Welcome to 2014!

(27 days late, but, hey, better late than never, right?)

I subscribe to the idea that the new year presents a perfect opportunity for goal-setting, for mapping out the big plans one wants to  accomplish in the year ahead. And while I agree that goal-setting should be a continuous process throughout the year and not confined to some arbitrary date, I do think there is something appealing in the blank slate that the new year represents, the fresh start it promises.

I’m probably not alone in thinking that there are a million different things I want to do with my life. This makes defining goals a bit of a challenge. The list of things I want to do or experience or learn is never-ending. For the sake of actually accomplishing something and avoiding paralysis from a vague and overly ambitious to-do list, however, I’ve whittled down my goals for the year to two main imperatives:

1. Read everyday


2. Practice creativity

The beautiful thing about these two resolutions is that they complement one another. The things I read shape the way I think and ultimately leave traces upon what I create.


I feel like the journey towards becoming one’s ideal self  –  however one defines that – is undertaken daily.  “We are what we repeatedly do,” as Aristotle says. In years past, what held me back from working everyday to becoming a better version of myself was limits. Perceived limits are such a powerful cause for inertia. The things that society or we tell ourselves we can’t do or be ultimately (and somewhat ironically) hold us back. Without realizing it, we put ourselves in boxes that we don’t dare venture out of.

I’m slowly coming to realize that many of those limits are just figments of the imagination. With enough effort and sheer determination, anything is possible.

Create: An Imperative

I have been thinking a lot about regrets lately and how inextricably connected they are to goals. The things I regret not having done on a daily basis are the very things I should be carving out time for.

The common theme in my mini-goals (and inversely daily list of regrets) is creating. I want to learn to draw better, become adept at photoshop, explore photography, experiment with different kinds of paint, start a blog.

Which brings me to my motivations for writing: I feel like blogging serves many purposes, among them being a platform for learning or gaining mastery in a subject, for exploring and expounding upon a topic or new field of interest, for expressing oneself.

 In Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential within Us All, Tom and David Kelley advocate that we “experiment with experiences”, “embrace learning” and essentially treat life as an experiment. This blog will be my own attempt to do just that.