DIY Office Christmas Ornaments

Decorating the office on a budget presented the perfect opportunity to be creative and resourceful with spare supplies left over from various projects throughout the years. Money sponsored by our boss went towards getting Christmas ball ornaments, gold and silver ribbons, string and plastic flowers. Other supplies used include colored paper, scissors, paper straws and tape.

One afternoon, one of my officemates taught us how to make 3D stars. It took a few tries (and a few stillborns), but we got it in the end. These are quick and simple ornaments to make and are a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

Outtake from a short crash course on paper star making

The most time-consuming part was figuring out the sequence of the ornaments to string up or add to the ribbons.


Decorations at the front of the office

Purple and gold was the chosen color theme for the front as purple is a favorite color of more than one office mate. The ballerinas were cut out with a template we found on pinterest (see link below).

The front of the office used a variation of purple and gold colors

Snowflakes and ballerinas go so well together.

Snowflake loveliness

Another idea we picked up from pinterest was a post-it Christmas tree. We hung up some extra Christmas ball ornaments to decorate it a little more.

A recreation of a post-it Christmas tree we found on interest

I bought some extra string so the ornaments could be hung up at varying lengths.

The different string sizes made it more interesting

I had some left-over paper straws from my sister’s bridal shower. I cut these up and taped them into (crooked) shapes.

Paper straws made for a simple material to make shapes with

Recycle and keep it simple.

Quick and easy. Left-over stars and straws

The holidays really are the most wonderful time of the year.

An example of the second kind of ballerina cut-out


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